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13 May 2014 / freakapotimus

Roanoke summer tee

Hand-knit shirt over maxi skirt

The weather is getting warmer, but I’m still knitting! Last week I finished and blocked my Roanoke tee and after three days of drying (!!) I finally wore it last Friday.

Roanoke shirt

I mean, just look at the lace detail on this piece and tell me that’s not gorgeous. It’s what attracted me to Triona Murphy’s Roanoke pattern in the first place. I had tons of Ella Rae Lace Merino around, bought for another project that I realized later would not work for me. So I fired up Ravelry and searched for a cute little summer shirt. Roanoke is worked on US size 6 needles with fingering weight, so the looser gauge makes it a cooler shirt, even when knit in merino yarn.

Roanoke shirt

I knit the 43.25″ size almost exactly as written. The only adjustment I made was the inclusion of vertical bust darts, based on Amy Herzog’s Fit to Flatter tutorials. Sadly those are no longer online, but she does offer those techniques in both her book and her classes.

Roanoke shirt

I tried it on as soon as I finished knitting, and worried a little that it was too snug. There was definitely a lot of negative ease, even more than I usually like. Wonderfully, blocking fixed that. (Funny how that works, eh?) I’m still on the lookout for a boho-style flowy blouse, but I’m more than happy to fit my knits closer to the body.



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  1. Sonja Loyd / Jan 7 2015 3:50 PM

    Beautiful Knit!! love your color!


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