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19 February 2014 / Joanna

traveling light: the big move

I’m moving to England next week. The past month has been a whirlwind of packing, disposing, and giving away of things. I’m happy, excited, and a little terrified. Good times!

I don’t want to buy all new tools in England, so I made myself a very thorough needle and tool kit. I used my KnitPicks Options set at the main collection and fit tools and some addition needles in the same bag. I love how sleek and compact it all is.


One of the toughest parts has been dealing with my stash and unfinished projects. After a decade of knitting I’ve amassed a little bit of yarn. ::cough::threelargebinsfull::cough:: And I had more than a few unfinished projects on needles.

My first step was to decide what projects I would take with me across the pond. Three made the cut: a sweater I started for my husband, The Blankie, and a Pi Shawl that is in it’s last 40 rounds. Traveling with unfinished projects means a lot of the yarn I’m traveling with has been decided. For The Blankie I am taking a quart sized bag of mini skeins.

I moved on to deciding what was never going to be completed. Those projects would be ripped out and recycled. I found four.

Finally, I pulled out what I thought I could finish before leaving. After all I knit reasonably quickly when I’m focused and I had a little time. Of the three I picked I’ve finished two, a pair of socks and a baby blanket. Sadly, a single glove will remain in storage until I visit my mom next.

I’m sock obsessed and even though I know there’s yarn in England, I can’t leave without a skein or two from my stash. I’ve used fingering weight yarn as packing material for the few breakable things I’m taking.

Here’s an example. This box with champagne glasses will be in my carry on bag.


There were still two and a half large bins of wool left after packing and finishing things. I ended up giving some yarn away to friends. I’m down to two storage bins of yarn that will remain at my mom’s.


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