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8 December 2013 / Joanna

Gift Knitting: Slipper Socks By Request

Just before Thanksgiving my father-in-law Tweeted a questions to me. “Do you knit socks, or just hats? I would love another pair of thick socks like my Finnish ones for slobbing around in.”

Somehow he missed the slippers and three pairs of socks my husband wears around the house all the time.

finnish blue socks

My mother-in-law send me a photo of the well-worn Finnish socks. They’re what I expected to see; a heavy-weight pair of socks with a little color-work in the leg. I could easily make something comparable.

I decided to knit from my abundant stash of yarn. Earlier this summer I inherited several skeins of Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool in three complementary colors: nature’s brown, natural, and oatmeal. This wool is perfect for this type of project. I settled on brown as the main color for the socks with a pattern in oatmeal.

Deciding the pattern took a bit longer. I didn’t want to chart my own as that takes more time and experimentation, instead I used Ravelry’s pattern search to find something I could knit with the least amount of modification.

Nancy Bush to the rescue! Her Eesti Trail Hiking Socks looked perfect for my needs. Here’s what I had finished a week later. I think my father-in-law will be pleased.

brown white slipper socks 2 brown white slipper socks


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