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28 June 2012 / freakapotimus

Summer Knitting: Montego Bay Scarf

Roz Houseknecht Handweaving Hand-Dyed Cotton-Bamboo

It is completely effin’ hot around here. I mean, 100 F with high humidity hot. Even sitting inside with the air conditioning, it’s still quite sticky, and I don’t feel like knitting. But I want to knit! It’s the conundrum of summer weather in the mid-Atlantic.

Even with lightweight wool or wool-blend sock yarns, my hands get sweaty, and my yarn gets sticky, and I find myself wiping down my palms after every third stitch. I would love to be catching up on fall and winter sweaters, things I could finish before the weather requires me wearing them, but, ugh. The thought of working with a DK– to worsted-weight yarn in this weather makes my skin crawl.

Luckily, a couple months ago, I bought this very lovely cotton/bamboo blend yarn you see above. Joanna and I spotted this while browsing stalls at Maryland Sheep and Wool back in early May. The colors! Oh the colors. This one called out to me, and before I knew it, I had made my first yarn purchase of the day.

I knew I wanted to knit something light and breezy with it. The yarn seems made for the Montego Bay Scarf, from Amy R. Singer. The lace pattern is not too busy that the colors get lost, but it’s also just complicated enough so pooling isn’t terrible.

Montego Bay Scarf

I’m only about a third of the way through this pattern, but it is a good one for summer. The stitch-pattern is easily memorized, and my lap doesn’t get all warm and gross from the project sitting on it. I’ve taken this on the bus, to the lake, on my couch, out for coffee. It may be another month or so before it’s finished, but I look forward to wearing it.

Perhaps when the temperatures fall back below 90 F.


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