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17 June 2012 / nysssa

World Wide Knit In Public Day – June 2012

Several Years Ago – Social Knitworking was born at a WWKIP event hosted by the Third Street Ravelers in Rittenhouse Square. We were sitting on our park corner, knitting, eating, socializing, when a man rode by on his bicycle and yelled out SOCIAL KNITWORKING! We have no idea who this man was, but he is obviously brilliant.

This year’s knit in public day had beautiful weather, but far few dogs visited us than we like. We are HUGE fans of dogs, especially happy walking in the park dogs.

When I got to the park, I met up with Springviolet and she helped me unload my car so I could park without killing myself walking back. On the way from parking, I stopped to get paperplates and cups. I had made roasted beet salad with wilted greens and had nothing on which to serve it. There was also a little bit of gin since it was also International Gin Day – we social knitworkers are nothing if not equal opportunity celebrationists – so we needed cups in which to drink the gin that I had brought with me in glass spice jars.

I was surprised to see a new face – Goodstory was knitting a pair of two at a time socks whose balls had gotten away from her and were starting to become a tangled mess. She lamented the fact that she was missing most of the ingredients needed to make cookies and decided the best way to make new friends was with beer if it couldn’t be with cookies. On the phone she goes! Beer distributor on the line? Hello, can you deliver a case of cold Lager to the SW corner of Rittenhouse Square? Just call me and I will come out to the curb. Around 1 pm? That will be fine – thank you. We had beer delivered to KIP day. We called her BeerGoddess for the rest of the day. (we served it in plastic cups for safety and recycled all the glass and the cardboard case)

Beer wasn’t our only adventure. There was also a lovely young man from C19 handing out meatballs. You know how everything is better with meatballs, right? They were delicious and I hope to make it to C19 someday soon. After handing out the rest of his meatballs, our new friend came back and hung out for while before he started his shift at work. He works on our regular knitting nights, but we are hoping that we’ll be able to get him to attend some of our sporadically planned non-Tuesday events.

Also in attendance was deepginger – who was showing off some of her new and about to be available for sale handspun. Beautiful work – if you are in the market for handspun hers is gorgeous and reasonably priced!

BabyAndre was in attendance for a short time – enchanting us all with his chubby cheeks and thighs. His mom LadyfistForever brought Krispi Kreme donuts which, remarkably enough – taste delicious dipped in beer.

All together it was a very lovely day – the weather was not to hot for knitting, the company was amazing, and I’m very glad the motivation struck us to host again this year.

Social Knitworking in Action


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