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11 June 2012 / Joanna

Pattern Review: Extermiknit

Pattern: Extermiknit
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease in stone and turquoise
Needles: US 3

I know a lot of Doctor Who fans, myself included. So of course, the pattern Extermiknit has been in my Ravelry queue for a few years.

I tried using the suggested provisional cast on but I thought it was annoying and the project remained partially cast on for a few months. Once I decided the cast on didn’t matter I was able to get underway. Seriously, it’s just a toy, picking up stitches for the base is just fine.

The pattern is an easy knit, but because of the ovoid shape of the dalek body, increases and decreases aren’t evenly spaced. Because of this, it takes a bit more attention than you’d expect. Keeping tension in the stripes wasn’t difficult but then, I have plenty of color work experience.

I inserted a pipe cleaner in the plunger after it was knit. That was a *pain in the ass*. So for the eyestalk, I knit the icord around the pipe cleaner. It was clumsy, but in the end, less frustrating.

The finished product is pretty damn awesome. He’s a squashy, pudgy dalek. The resulting toy is so fabulous, I definitely want to make another one.

The recipient of this one loves him. The dalek’s pudginess inspired a snack obsessed personality. He tweets now and again. You can follow Fat Dalek at @fatdalek.


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