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14 May 2012 / freakapotimus

Fell in love with a sheep


This past weekend, I attended the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival with several knitting friends from back home in Philadelphia, including two other SK contributors. Wool festival, you say? Well, if you ever wonder why I attend fiber festivals, just look at those little guys above. How can you not get all blubbery when swooning over a baby sheepie named Abe Lincoln?

There were six of us staying the weekend with Matt (my partner) at his house, and I even woke up before 8am on a Saturday so we could get to the festival in time. It was a warm spring day, leaving me with a little sunspot on my chest in spite of the sunscreen. I drank a giant birch beer and was inundated with stall after stall of lamb sandwiches, lamb curry, and lamb on a stick. I ate a grilled cheese instead.

The sun was shining until well into the afternoon! I should have brought my umbrella with me, but I was worried about smacking into other people with it—Jenn had no such reservations. I bought a good amount of yarn, an insane amount of honey, and a few odds and ends. I picked up a few skeins of yummy gorgeousness from Maple Creek Farm; I always pick up something of theirs at Rhinebeck, and was glad to see them at Maryland.

My one complaint about the festival, as with most fests and cons I attend, is the people. There are certains vendors that always attract a crowd, like Miss Babs, Spirit Trail, The Verdant Gryphon, and while the staff at those booths try hard to keep the peace, certain bad apples ruin it for everyone. I found myself pushed out of stalls or smacked around with bags too many times to count, and due to my tendency to get a little panicky in those situations, I steered clear of a few booths I would otherwise have liked to peruse.

Having attended just the New York State and the Maryland festivals, I must say my preference is for the former. I like fall and winter over spring and summer, so even forgetting the crowds, it’s obvious which one I would choose. I am counting down the days to October!


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