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10 May 2012 / freakapotimus

No Sweat!


It’s too hot to worry about getting sweat dripping into your eyes during rock shows. So… no sweat!


1 ball Cascade Fixation 2706
1 ball Cascade Fixation 3794
set of 4 US size 5 DPN (or 40″ circ for magic loop)
Note: I used about half the blue, and way less of the red. I’m sorry I didn’t figure out exact yardage.


Approximately 5 sts + 10 rows = 1″ relaxed (unstretched) on US size 5 needles

I had a bit of a time with gauge on this project, because I’d never worked with yarn so stretchy before, all that elastic in the Fixation. I’m a tight knitter, so keeping the yarn slack and relaxed was quite a chore.

If you knit this pattern, find your gauge and use this pattern as a guide. Work with the guage that works for you, remembering to not tighten up your yarn.


Stretchy enough to fit one medium sized head—mine is 21″ around.


Cast on very loosely 75 stitches and join in round.

Knit all arounds in the following color pattern:
Rnd 1-12: Color A
Rnd 13-14: Color B
Rnd 15: Color A
Rnd 16-17: Color B
Rnd 18-23: Color A
Rnd 24-25: Color B
Rnd 26: Color A
Rnd 27-28: Color B
Rnd 29-40: Color A


BO all stitches very loosely; I followed Wendy’s variation on a Russian bind off. Weave in ends. Leave a very long tail, about 6-8 times the length of the band, to use to seam the piece. Your piece should look something like this:


Now fold the cast-on and bind-off ends together, and seam together:


Adjust the folds on the band so the seam is in the middle of the inside, and the stripes at the top and bottom of the front/outside:


Wear proudly and worry-free!


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