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8 May 2012 / freakapotimus

Welcome back to Social Knitworking!

500 - Internal Server Error


In the past two weeks, our site has been hacked twice. It’s quite a blow to the ego, let me tell you, but it had definitely made me realize that my awesome front-end web developer skills are of no use to me on the back-end (snicker) server part.

To combat this issue, we’ve moved our site from a self-hosted blog on my own server to a hosted blog. Unfortunately, our database was hit along with the site, leaving our backup rather fucked. I’m piecing together our old posts and articles from a collection of Google Docs, emails, and web archives. In the next couple weeks, you should be able to at least access the patterns we’d posted.

While we don’t often record new podcasts or vidcasts, we’ll keep them accessible on the blog, you know, for history. Or to remind ourselves that when we get together with a camera or a mini-recorder, we actually do have a lot of fun.

tl;dr: Stay tuned for old and new content!

Photo credit “500 – Internal Server Error” from girliemac


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